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Venue Facillitator Vs. Wedding Coordinator

Updated: Jun 20, 2023

When it comes to the roles and duties of your wedding, it can get a little confusing when it comes to figuring out which wedding vendors do what. Your needs and the amount of wedding planning assistance you would like for your wedding will determine who you should look into hiring for your big day.

Venue Included Event Facilitator

A venue event facilitator is usually included with your venue. They are your point of contact for all venue-related questions. This person is typically assigned to you 1-3 months before your wedding. They will be ensuring that you and your wedding are following all of the venue’s rules and guidelines. In your meeting with them, they will collect all of the needed information from you and schedule you a rehearsal date. Your venue facilitator will also provide you with information like a list of the venue’s preferred vendors list, any layout templates/measurements, and walk you through how weddings are typically run at the venue.

Venue Facilitator Duties Would Include:

  • Meeting with you 8-10 weeks before your wedding day

  • Collecting information from you for the venue:

  1. All of your vendor’s contact information

  2. Your timeline for ceremony and/or reception

  3. Confirming your contract times and any extra hours that need to be added

  4. Your layout on where you would like to have your chairs and tables at the venue for ceremony and reception

  5. Scheduling a rehearsal at the venue

  • Running your wedding rehearsal

  • Providing venue support the day of your wedding:

  1. Opening the venue for you and your vendors

  2. Answering questions and directing vendors where they can find things like electric outlets, light switches, restrooms, etc.

  3. Cueing you and your wedding party for the ceremony

  4. Directing guests and venue staff

Day-of-Wedding Coordinator

A day-of-wedding coordinator is for couples that have done a majority of the planning, hiring and work for their wedding but would like someone to take the reins on the day of their wedding. You have a vision for your wedding and your wedding coordinator would be stepping in to make that vision happen. In most cases you would meet with your coordinator to show them all of the things you have purchased for your wedding and discuss how you would like your tables and wedding decorated, where you would like your vendors to setup and what events are important to happen for you during the wedding. Day-of-wedding coordinators relieve a lot of stress on the day of your wedding because vendors are contacting them instead of you, they are handling your decorating and setup instead of your wedding party and family and they coordinate your timeline so that important moments like your cake cutting aren’t missed.

Day-of-Wedding Coordinator Duties Would Include:

  • Meeting with you 1-2 times before the wedding

  • Providing you with wedding vendor recommendations

  • Creating your wedding timeline in detail for ceremony and reception

  • Plans with you exactly how you would like your ceremony and reception set up including tables, chairs, furniture and decor

  • Offers support and communication when you have wedding questions

  • Runs your wedding rehearsal

  • Is your point of contact for vendors the day of your wedding. Wedding coordinators provide all of the vital information to your vendors and will be the person your vendor contacts for any needs on the day of your wedding.

  • Coordinates your wedding day:

  1. Arrives at the start of setup to check in all of your vendors and let them know where to set up

  2. Decorates and sets up for your wedding (what’s included varies on your contract)

  3. Cues everyone for the wedding ceremony

  4. Ensures that everything is setup and ready for cocktail hour and reception

  5. Cues wedding party for the grand entrance

  6. Works with your DJ and Photographer to follow the timeline and ensures that all of your big moments are announced, photographed and happens how you want it

  7. Dismisses your tables to dinner

  8. Provides the couple with all of their support for any needs at the wedding

  9. Pays any balances and tips to your wedding vendors

  • May provide additional day-of services like: Cake cutting services, extra decorating, champagne pouring, cleanup/breakdown, sparkler exits, etc.

We are partnered with Soon To Be Wed as our preferred wedding coordinator! Xuan is the owner of Soon To Be Wed and is also a part of the Hidden Oaks team giving her expert knowledge on our venue. Click here to see Wedding Coordination Packages.

Wedding Planner

A wedding planner is for couples who want to relax and enjoy their engagement and let a professional handle all of the tedious work and details of their wedding. Many brides already have a busy schedule and a wedding planner is able to book and meet with wedding vendors, find and order your decor, plus help you stay on track with your wedding budget. A wedding planner listens to your vision ideas and then puts together a proposal/plan to bring that vision to life. Wedding planners work with you during your entire engagement until the end of your wedding night.

Wedding Planner Duties Would Include:

  • Meeting with you multiple times before the wedding

  • Planning your wedding:

  1. Helping you decide on your wedding color palette

  2. Creating your wedding budget and plan

  3. Giving you wedding venue options and setting up/attending venue tours with you

  4. Wedding Vendor Management: Getting quotes for you, setting up payment plans, setting up/attending meetings, communicates with vendors on your behalf

  5. Orders/buys your wedding decor, invitations, favors, etc.

  • Creates your detailed wedding day timelines

  • Creates your detailed wedding layouts

  • Coordinates the day of your wedding:

  1. Is available from the beginning to end of your wedding

  2. Coordinates your timeline with all of your wedding vendors

  3. Decorates and sets up for your wedding

  4. Coordinates your wedding exit

  5. Supervises vendor breakdown

  6. Pay balances and tips to your wedding vendors

  • May provide additional services like: Helping you choose your wedding gown and attire, making hotel and honeymoon arrangements, setting up your wedding website, managing your wedding RSVPs, etc.

Who you decide to hire and use for your wedding is entirely up to you! Some brides like the challenge of planning and handling their entire wedding, especially if they are primarily looking to keep costs low. Wedding coordination and planning packages can be pricey, but should be looked at as an investment to your peace of mind and professional help for your big day. Hiring a professional for your wedding ensures that things are going to be done right and that you and your loved ones will be able to fully relax and enjoy your wedding day.

Event Day Help is availble at Hidden Oaks Venue through our Helping Hands Service!

Helping Hands is a service exclusive to Hidden Oaks Retreat Venue. Helping Hands is true to their name in the sense that they are your “extra hands” on the day of your wedding. On the day of your wedding, you would let them know the extra help that you would like to have your wedding running smoothly. This service differs from a wedding coordinator/wedding planner because you would not be meeting with them before your wedding, they do not offer advice and direction on how you want things done and they are essentially there for you to direct on small tasks the day of your wedding.

Common Duties for Helping Hands:

  • Clearing and bussing tables

  • Setting out pre-made and ready-to-go food

  • Placing simple decor and items where you direct them

  • Putting tablecloths on tables

  • Setting up a self-serve coffee/beverage station

  • Assisting in pouring cider for the speeches/toasts

  • Helping in breakdown at the end of the night

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