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Hidden Oaks Wedding Venue in Rancho Cucamonga, CA

About Us

​Hidden Oaks is a place born of miracles. Its first brush with providence came even before it was built: The story goes that the great state of California re-routed a freeway that was under construction rather than destroy a mighty 250-year-old oak standing in the way. Today, that ancient tree is only one of the splendors at Hidden Oaks Retreat Center. This historic landmark is made of  stone and redwood. This setting offers cool green garden spaces, wonderful 1920s architecture, and a spectacular view of the San Gabriel Mountains.

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Hidden Oaks Wedding Venue in Rancho Cucamonga, CA
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A wedding ceremony is a joyous time of great anticipation as a man and a woman, who love each other, and love the the Lord, commit to marriage for a lifetime. To add to the excitement, when you utilize Hidden Oaks for your celebration, a portion of each wedding taking place at hidden Oaks, is donated to Multiplication Network, a church ministry that is planting churches all over the world. 

Solid Ground Church (SGC), Hidden Oaks, and Multiplication Network Ministries (MNM) are thrilled to partner together with you as a couple to plant more churches and stronger churches. You two help empower church planters to start new, healthy churches in their communities by equipping them with training and resources. 

Just imagine, as your relationship grows and changes after your wedding day, young churches are also growing and changing as they impact their communities with God's love.

Hidden Oaks and SGC have a connected history that begins with Charles and Kathryn Engle. this couple served as missionaries in difficult places in India and Nepal before they retired. They were involved with SGC and upon their passing, they left a gift to the church that made it possible to restore the historic building at Hidden Oaks that is now known as Engle Hall in their honor. 

SGC believes this property is an incredible gift from the Lord to be used for spiritual retreats, conferences, and special social events, but especially weddings. By making the facilities available to the community as well, SGC will strengthen bonds with their neighbors and with the Christian community. And now, through this partnership with MNM, they will be working internationally as part the body of Christ to help bring a healthy church to every community. 

Solid Ground Church, Hidden Oaks, and Multiplication Network Ministries all hope you two will be blessed by knowing you have been a part in planting healthy churches by having your wedding ceremony take place at Hidden Oaks. We pray you continue to grow in faith together as you live out God's calling in your life.

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Celebrating Marriage at Hidden Oaks

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