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Any activity or ceremony that is contrary to orthodox Christian beliefs or our church Articles of Faith and Doctrine will not be allowed.


Wedding Date

If you are interested in booking a wedding date you will need to meet with a Hidden Oaks Representative to sign a contract and pay a non-refundable deposit of 25% of your contracted price, which will be applied to the total cost of the event. Events are scheduled on a first come first serve basis and we are unable to hold dates. If you need to change your date, for any reason, please call and confirm that the desired date is available.  Dates changes will be charged a fee of $100 and must be paid at the time you make the change.


Hidden Oaks Facilitator

You will be assigned a Hidden Oaks facilitator approximately 8 weeks prior to your wedding. If you have any questions before that time feel free to contact Lorraine Rodricks, Event Administrator, in the office Tuesday-Friday 9:00 am – 4:00 pm at (909) 484-4379. The Hidden Oaks Facilitator will be onsite during your wedding and reception. The job of the facilitator is to ensure the facility runs properly for your event. This includes the bathrooms remain cleaned and stocked, trash is emptied, air/heater working properly, etc.

The facilitator is NOT a wedding planner. She is not in charge of any details pertaining to your event.


The facilitator and Hidden Oaks staff do not decorate, cook, serve, clean-up food, or clear tables and drinks for your reception make sure that you have procured adequate volunteers or hired help for this job.  The facilitator will call you to set up your rehearsal date.   She will also meet with you approximately 6-8 weeks prior to your event to go over the schematic of how you would like the tables and chairs set up. If you need assistance with your ceremony and rehearsal the facilitator will be able to assist you. Please talk with her about the details.  If you forget something (can opener, serving spoon, etc.) please inform the Hidden Oaks Staff. If we are able to, we will loan it. However, if the item is not returned or is broken, we will deduct the cost from your Cleaning/Damage deposit. 


If you need to visit the facility prior to the rehearsal to show the florist, caterer, DJ, etc. we will accompany you twice for a visit of no more than one hour. Any additional time will be charged at $75.00 per hour. All visits need to be scheduled with your facilitator.  Please do not try to arrange visits before your facilitator has been assigned.  



The staff included in our cost are: the Wedding Facilitator and Assistant, the Reception Hostess, and Parking Attendants.


Contract Time

Your contract time includes your decorating, event and clean up.  When planning your event’s start/end times keep in mind you will need time for decorating and clean up. We usually recommend you plan 2 hours for decorating and 1 hour at the end for clean up.  (Clean up- everything you bring in with you must go back out that same day.)  You must make sure all vendors are cleaned up and off the premises by your contract end time. You will be charged $100/hour out of your deposit for anyone who is on the premises after your contract hours.  If you would like to purchase additional hours speak to your facilitator.



  It is our desire that the music chosen for your wedding helps to create a reverent spirit, be appropriate for a Christian setting, and reflect the joy of the occasion. Should you wish to have live music for the ceremony, such as a keyboard player, a guitarist or vocalist, you will need to negotiate a fee with those individuals, separately. The facilitator can provide you with names of persons to contact for these services, if available. Either live or recorded music may be played on the south side of the building for the ceremony. Music for the reception must be played on the north side of the building and all music must be turned off by 10:00pm.  City ordinance specifies the sound level of music to a maximum of 65 decibels, please be sure to inform your DJ prior to your event.  All music is subject to approval by the Hidden Oaks Staff.  (No lewd or distasteful music)



Rehearsals will be scheduled through your facilitator. One hour will be allowed for the rehearsal one to five days prior to the wedding. Reharsal DO NOT include dinner. The facilitator is assigned approximately 8 weeks prior to your event date.  She will contact you to set up your rehearsal.  If more than 1 event is scheduled on the same weekend, the event that signed their contract first will get the first choice for rehearsal date.



Hidden Oaks does not have on-site vendors. You are free to select your own.  We do have a preferred vendor list that you will receive once you sign a contract which will give you some ideas for vendors.  Your caterer must show proof of insurance and list Hidden Oaks as "additionally insured" for the day of the event.  Most caterers will provide this free of charge.  (If they want to charge you extra we suggest you select another caterer) Please inform your vendors we are a non- alcohol and non- smoking facility.  Please make sure they know when your contract time begins and ends.  They will not be allowed onto the property before or after  the contract time.


Tables & Chairs

Hidden Oaks provides white padded resin chairs for both the wedding and reception.  If you prefer to have another type of chair you will need to rent them yourselves.  The tables we have available are:

*28- 60 inch round tables. They seat 8-10 per table.

*6-  4 foot tables (48” x 30”)- typically used for drinks, appetizers, desserts,  etc.

*4-  6 foot banquet tables (72” x 30”)- typically used for buffets, presents, etc.

*1-  36 inch round table- typically used for cake

*1-  48 inch round table- typically used for sweetheart table.

You may use the available tables however you would like.  When you meet with your facilitator she will go over with you the schematic.  If you prefer different tables or additional tables you would need to rent them yourselves.



Linens, floral arrangements and decorations are NOT provided by Hidden Oaks. In order to maintain the beauty of the area, nothing may be used which can cause damage to structures or foliage. It is NOT permissible to use nails, tacks, or tape on any of the woodwork or walls. If you would like to string additional lights or hang decorations from trees you must get permission from the Hidden Oaks Staff before the day of your event. Candles are permitted on the reception side and must be contained within a glass container with candlewicks below the glass opening. A unity candle is permitted on wedding side and must remain on the table inside the gazebo. All other candles are allowed on reception side only. Glass containers are not permitted on the wedding side. (unless you are doing a sand ceremony and must remain inside the Gazebo)   Sparklers or any other type of fireworks are illegal in Rancho Cucamonga and are not permitted. The Hidden Oaks staff will have tables and chairs set-up prior to the event, but you need to make sure that you have people assigned to help with table decoration, clearing of tables and food areas, and clean-up. If additional time is required for decorating, there will be a charge of $100.00 / hr.


Rental Company

Bedazzle,  is the only rental company we allow to deliver onto the Hidden Oaks property. If you would like to order from another rental company you must bring the rented items in yourself during your contracted hours. They must also be removed by the end of your contract time. 



Certainly you will want to have photographic memories of your wedding. However, having individuals, including photographers, walking around or being visible during the ceremony may detract from the sacredness of your wedding. For these reasons, please refrain from taking any flash photography during the ceremony. Video filming is permitted and direction will be given by the facilitator.



Both Indoor and outdoor receptions can be hosted at Hidden Oaks. For a “sit-down” meal indoors approximately 130 persons can be seated in the 5 rooms. There is also a space for an 8 foot buffet table. In addition, the outdoor patio can accommodate approximately 350 guests.



There are approximately 25 parking spots at Hidden Oaks. Cars may not park in the fire lane or along the north retaining wall. Overflow parking is available in the Church parking lot just a short walk south of Hidden Oaks. We can arrange for shuttle service to and from the lot at an additional charge. There will be parking attendants who will help direct your guests where to park.



Cancellation Policy

Deposits are non-refundable. We understand that there are occasions when a cancellation might be necessary.  If an event is cancelled within 30 days of the contracted date there will not be a refund.



*There is room for approximately 300 chairs on the grounds near the gazebo

*The use of alcohol beverages is forbidden on the Hidden Oaks grounds.    This rule will be strictly enforced, the event stopped and police summoned, if necessary.

*This is a non-smoking facility due to fire hazard. Please inform your guests and vendors * Throwing of rice or bird seed is not allowed, due to potential hazard of “slip & fall”.      Flower petals or bubbles may be used outdoors only. (No silk flower petals.) 

*Glass containers are not permitted as decorations on the wedding side.

*Sparklers are prohibited- They are illegal in the city of Rancho Cucamonga.

*Children must be supervised at all times and cannot be allowed to roam freely around the     property unattended.  *Please do not search through kitchen cupboards and drawers. Ask a staff member to help you.  



Refer to the fee schedule for prices. In addition to the event fee, a $250.00 cleaning and damage deposit must be paid in advance of the event. This deposit is refundable if there is no damage to any Hidden Oaks property, missing items, and the facilities are left in a reasonably clean condition. (All trash is to be cleaned up and dumped into outdoor trash bin or removed from the premises. Floors are to be left “Broom Clean” and kitchen counters wiped off. Any obvious spills must to be mopped up.) If you go over your contract time it will be deducted from your deposit. All fees and deposits must be paid 60 days before event date or your event may be cancelled.



--All fees subject to change—

Hidden Oaks Wedding Rules & Procedures

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